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Dinner with Dean at Agile Australia 2015

At the 2015 Agile Australia pre-conference speaker’s dinner I was seated next to invited speaker Dean Leffingwell (pictured here on the left) founder of the Scaled Agile Framework: ‘SAFe', a process framework invented to help organisations scale their Agility beyond a few teams to much larger software delivery teams. Applied to teams and departments numbering in the hundreds, SAFe is now gaining traction at several large Australian organisations, Telstra and Australia Post to name but two notable examples happy to showcase their SAFe successes. 
I shared with Dean one of my frustrations at our implementation of SAFe at Auspost where I was a Head of Digital Engineering. Although I found many good things in the framework, and had blogged previously on the topic myself, I observed that SAFe can lead to software delivery teams becoming bloated with people, and that the ‘Big Picture’ SAFe artifact contributed to the problem. 

This diagrammatic model shows how the three major levels of…