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Equal Pay for Women in IT

I’ve never blogged on the topic of equality for women, in IT or otherwise, however as I watch my daughter grow up and wonder what her working life will be like, and see the industry I joined mature, as I mature, I realise I do have quite a lot of opinions on the subject. As a former IT leader at several organisations who happens to be female, I’ve had both advantages and disadvantages in being in a minority group. I won’t complain about the additional job opportunities that have come my way due to the privilege of my second X chromosome, and it’s always amusing to hear recruiters squirm as they clumsily dance around the topic; “…and well, I think the company would really like to have a women in this role” eventually they blurt it out, trying to entice me with their potential of increasing the likelihood of success for me.

So I’ve always maintained that the inequality has helped me as much as it may have hindered my career, and I honestly don’t have too many stories of personally being …