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Gamify your children - The results!

The results of our 2 week experiment into the Gamification of the school holidays for the kids are in.

The use of Trello for this was no good, too much administration was required to remove earned points for rewards and it's just not the right tool for this.

A friend has suggested Evernote as an alternative but I'm leaning towards HabitRPG as suggested by James Ross for next time.

There will definitely be a next time! The children all agreed that it was good. Here are some of their reflections from our retrospective on the game under: 

What did you like about the game?

The whole system was goodBecause it was fairWe were allowed to add new ideasIt was easy to earn points
Under What was bad about the game?

Some rewards cost too littleWe didn't get to do all the rewardsWhen all 3 of us wanted to do different things we couldn't have our own wayUnder What would you change about it next time?

Have enough days to use rewards and get points. (They wanted some transparency in planning …