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Gamify your children

Inspired by James Ross’s LAST conference talk on The Shamification of Lamification and the Reclaimification of Gamification I was motivated to try and “Gamify” the school holidays for my three children, Leo aged 8, Chloe 9 and Max 10.
Buy-in is everything, so the first thing we did was a quick workshop to extract the kids ideas. I asked them to write their ideas for good rewards on sticky notes, with a few examples for context, such as ‘trip to the movies or ‘play date with a friend’ . They had 5 minutes to come up with their ideas – one idea per sticky note (as always).
They then read out their ideas for all of us to hear, there were a few duplicates and also a few comedy suggestions. Even though we had ruled out crazy stuff, such as rewards of a million dollars, Leo had written down ‘A unicorn for the back yard’ reading it out with gleeful giggles.
Then they spent 5 minutes writing down tasks that they could do to earn rewards. By now they had the hang of it and quickly came up with t…

Video of: Scaling! Oh the Horror!

At the LAST Conference 2014 in Melbourne this year I spoke of the horrors of scaling software delivery.

Here's the Video of Scaling! Oh the Horror! where I present why organisations may want to scale their software delivery rapidly, why it can be difficult and talk through 3 different cases studies of organisations I worked for, who all wanted to scale their agile software delivery, in different ways.

This YouTube clip is on the LAST conference channel and you can find many other good LAST conference videos there too!