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Kanban in the home

This is our Kanban board which is on our kitchen blackboard. I did a tidy of the board on the weekend as I noticed it was becoming a random list with big and small things and no clear priority on what to do next. My partner Stu and I have busy work and family lives so we tend to forget things if we aren't organised and communicating pretty constantly and this board helps us with that.
Post the tidy it's now organised into Big, Medium and Small stuff. "Big" has a WIP limit (Work in Process), no more than 1 "Big" thing can be in progress at once and we only have  a maximum of 3 things in our "Big" backlog.
"Medium"  is things we need to buy or do, they aren't immediate and also aren't a huge priority but we find it's  good to identify and list them so if an opportunity arises (like a spare day on a weekend) we can decide to go shopping or tackle these things.
"Small" stuff is nitty gritty things we need to do or wan…