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Agile Australia 2011 Series - Prioritisation

Prioritise everything you do. Accept that there’s not going to be enough time to do everything you want to do. Simple.Think about the prioritisation choices you have made today in selecting what you worked on, what you logged onto, what you decided to read. In my job and in my personal life I prioritise all the time in order to get through the work and living I need to get done. I prioritise my children’s food and ask myself if they have eaten healthily enough to give them a treat after dinner, I think about what family and friends I want to catch up with on the weekend and I organise my priorities to include exercise. It’s this very human characteristic of making fast choices of priority without the complete picture of information to hand, that makes Agile such a comfortable and easy fit for people when it comes to building software. When we apply prioritisation in agile projects we need to be ruthless; time is money and we can’t do everything. If we needed to complete everything in …