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Agile Australia 2011 Series - Incrementality versus Quantum Leap transformation

‘Incrementality’ is a key concept we applied to our agile transformation. Incrementality, I define, as the ability to make small changes, monitor the effects and feed the results into the next decision to make a small change. This is the underlying concept that allows retrospectives to produce very effective outcomes for agile teams. To illustrate I use my swimming analogy. I’m a pretty good swimmer, or at least I thought I was; I’ve been swimming for a long time and was able to swim far distances, get good exercise and even compete in amateur events such as mini triathlons, using my long practiced swimming skills. I had never had formal tuition in swimming, post the usual childhood swimming lessons that every kid in Australia - a country girt by tempting and dangerous beaches - seems to receive as a baseline. I decided to get some swim coaching at the pool over the road from my workplace. Every lesson I would get in the pool and my coach Laura would make tiny adjustments to my swimmi…