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The sophistication of simplicity

One of the great observations of agile tools and techniques that was made by a stakeholder during our first Agile pilot project a couple of years ago, was how refreshing it was to use simple child-like notions such as hand-written coloured cards and marker pens to identify categorise and prioritise work.As I plan out my Agile Australia presentation I find it a much less daunting task now I have it carded up on my wall, I can grab one at a time to work on them, I can see a visual representation of the work I need to get done, and I can mark cards when they are in draft, review or complete. These simple activities supported by low fidelity tools that can be purchased for dollars from a newsagency, have the benefit of familiarity for new-comers to agile, and also lend themselves to collaboration in the most natural way; anyone can pick up a card and scrawl a few thoughts down to generate a discussion.Even your most experienced agile consultant will not scare a business stakeholder as the…