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Creative Solution or Nasty Hack?

I just love this photo. This was a genuine solution to powering a meeting room PC that had to be secured in a pupose built and positioned storage cupboard. However it's an apt analogy to many things technology related. The set up of these power cables prompted these questions in my mind:

- Why wasn't the room built with power outlets where required?
- Why wasn't the cupboard positioned near power outlets if it was for things requireing power?
- Why did someone solve the problem with multiple power cables instead of buying one of adequate length?

To ask these questions I find myself in the mind-set of critiquing for not enough upfront planning or thought. However I know some more facts about this situation, e.g. the room and outlet was there a long time before the cupboard, the need for a secure cupboard for the PC came later, the device was comfortably powered by the outlet prior to that.

Therefore putting on my 'Agile' mindset I find these compelling reasons to power …