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Outsource, Offshore, Offshelf – value in your IT department

Today I enjoyed a creative workshop with strategic leaders of our company. Almost all were collectively of a similar mind on one topic which had me soul searching for the remainder of the day.

Aside from confusion over terminology, the common theme was to not build things within our own IT department if we could buy the software from another source, saving money and getting it quicker.

During the meeting I felt duty bound to point out that off the shelf software was still written by actual people and then spent most of the flight home pondering the wisdom behind the notion of ‘any software, as long as it isn’t written by you guys’, or rather that was how it felt for me, to hear their opinions on the topic.

Perhaps it’s difficult for us in our IT department to consider buying software and integrating it into what we already have because we know too much about how this could go. Given our recent experience of a user base that wants highly customised software we are sceptical of their abili…