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Trust and Collaboration

Any project management methodology will teach you that to be a good project manager you need to write everything down and get everything signed off. That way the "legals" are bullet proof, you have evidence that the customer asked for it and anything not written down is completely out of scope.I admit to taking this position on numerous occasions myself.At some point in most IT workers careers they have been burnt by scope creep. The delivery date is set but the customer needs much more to be delivered in the software than you have built.Most IT workers would have stayed late for nights, weeks, or grueling months to squash additional scope into software deliveries. This usually is a result of a number of bad news conversations, some you may recognize sound like this:IT worker: You didn’t ask for that [feature/function]Customer: I may not have asked for it specifically, but it’s not going to work without it. How come you didn’t know that?IT worker: erm….let’s ask the Business…