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Waste in Software Development

I’ve been dipping into ‘Lean software development’ a little and have become very interested in waste detection. I have plenty of ‘a ha’ moments when I read about examples of waste in software development, but sometimes I wonder if authors talk their topic up for dramatic effect. Here are three examples of wasted time and effort I found by paying attention for just one day at work.

We have regular status meetings when it’s getting close to releasing software in our department. We discuss any issues that are putting the release at risk, but mainly we discuss any defects that are outstanding and our chances of fixing them in time. During one of these meetings I enquired about the quality of software in general. “They found a severity 1 this week” somebody mentioned. I was interested and asked for more information. Turns out the severity 1 defect was found in BAT, however when the business was asked they reported that no one ever used this function/pressed this button. Some code(!) was bei…