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Six things you should ask yourself before you adopt agile practices

1. Who cares? Who wants it? Is your customer asking for a more agile approach? Is Agile the latest flavour sweeping the floor? Has someone new arrived in your department with fancy ideas? It’s always a good idea to collect together, bat around the topic, share experiences positive and negative. Identify the like-minded people who are going to support this kind of change. It’s a people-change as well as process so you will need your pals.2. What will your development teams tolerate?Do you have agile fans in the development team, or active doubters? Architects can find it very threatening to advocate not doing big upfront design. Some developers simply loathe the idea of pairing on code. IT teams are densely populated with introverts and some find daily stand-ups and high levels of collaboration with business people too confronting. Happily these issues can often evaporate over time, but I have witnessed quite a lot of resistance to agile practices from development teams so it’s very wi…